Preview the Introduction to Traditional Publishing!

Traditional Publishing

How to Get an Agent and Write a Publishing Proposal

Introduction: Long-term publishing insider, bestselling author and literary agent Chip MacGregor will give you a rare look at what really happens in the world of traditional publishing.

Class 1: The Publishing Process. In this first session, we’ll look at an overview of the traditional publishing process — how it works, how you sell books, and how you make money. We’ll focus on what you need to know, what is most important, and what will happen as you work through the process.

Class 2: Finding and Working with an Agent. The second session will explore how an author goes about meeting and beginning to work with an agent — where to meet one, when to get one, and what to expect from them. We’ll also examine how they get paid, and what you should expect a good agent to do for you.

Class 3: Dealing with Publishers and Editors. Our third session will dig into how to create a good proposal and pitch a publishing house, and discuss how decisions are made in traditional publishing. We’ll also talk about what is realistic in terms of traditional publishers — what you can expect them to do and not do, what contracts look like, and how to make the relationship work for the long term.

Class 4: The Role of the Author. The fourth session will focus on what the author needs to know and do in publishing — the importance of refining your craft, building your platform, and establishing your writing as a business and not just a hobby.